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Why the surprise?

I just saw a news article that (again) talks about the high number of women who are owning guns. Listen to this news report:  

So tell me why there is surprise that women are buying guns, and such surprise that we want to know how to use them? I’ve been in a few gun stores this week that I have not been in before. They all talk about the number of women who are now coming into the store to purchase their first gun. Few think about getting trained, and none of the stores I was in promote women teaching women how to shoot.

So we are left with surprise around the country about the fact that we want to defend ourselves. We are also left with few men truly interested in teaching us how to use our new self defense tools. I wonder why that is? Women throughout our history have used guns when necessary. During the Revolutionary War women fired rifles, and certainly helped our founding fathers with ammunition storage, being the watchful eyes to warn when English soldiers were coming, etc. Women during the settling of the West clearly used guns to protect their homes and families against intruders. Why is it that now our society seems to think it is strange and unnatural for women to own and know how to use lethal weapons?

As women baby boomers loose their husbands, watch what is happening to our society, and live alone longer than previous generations, it is going to be even more important to own and use personal weapons. This should not come as a surprise to anyone! If you have ever been interested in learning how to protect yourself, I urge you to take an NRA class (preferably¬†offered by a women). The classes include “Refuse To Be A Victim”, “Basic Pistol”, “Self protection in the home” and “Self protection outside of the home”. All these classes will help you be comfortable with your ability to defend yourself and you will learn the essential elements of gun handling and safety.

One more point, one of self discovery! I was in Bass Pro Shop a couple of days ago, strolling through their great women’s clothing department (and OF COURSE the shoe department). I found myself thinking that I would rather be in the gun department! Go figure….gotta ask Santa for another gun for Christmas!