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It is pink but it is not a gun!

I never said I didn’t like pink stuff, I just said I don’t like pink guns.

Here is the coolest new tool we all have to have! A PINK UpLULA!! If you don’t have one, and you shoot a semi-auto pistol, you are missing out. This ammo loader is the best thing since sliced bread! It makes loading a breeze. The fact that it is pink is even better! Not only does it make a statement, but you can easily find it in your range bag, and the guys won’t steal it.

When I was qualifying for my Texas CHL instructor license, I used my black (YAWN) UpLULA to load. The instructor made a comment about loading like a girl. Yeah, but I was done in half the time of the guys who were so macho they had to load manually!

You can get your very own cool pink UpLULA from http://babeswithbullets.com. It is a great idea for a gift for your BSF (best shooting friend) too!


A women’s pistol league in Las Vegas!!

YIPEE! After looking around at the various indoor ranges in Las Vegas, I talked with the guys who run American Shooters (http://americanshooters.com/). The owners of the range are all about having a great place for the people of Metro Vegas to shoot; the range is comfortable, the store has all the goodies one would hope for with a nice range. They loved the idea of a women’s league at the range!

Since I am a member of DIVA WOW (http://www.divawow.org/), a GREAT women only organization committed to women shooters and outdoor activities, I wanted to have the Las Vegas league be a part of the DIVA WOW network of leagues throughout the country. American Shooters was all for the idea!

The league will get to shoot after the store and range close, so we will have the whole place to ourselves! This will give us the opportunity to do some fun shooting, improve our skills, and not have any distractions. I can’t wait!

We are putting the finishing touches on the details, and hope to have the first league start in May. If you know of a woman who is interesting in pistol shooting, whether she has never had a pistol in her hand, or is a pro, let her know about our plans, and stay tuned. Details will be coming shortly!

Who says girls can’t shoot?

My Hanai granddaughter was here from Hawaii  recently with the rest of her family. Shelby will be 12 in a few weeks, and is a little small for her age. Her brother is a high school junior, big and strapping. They both wanted to learn to shoot, so I was happy to make that happen.

We did the entire NRA pistol class, from safety to dismantling a Glock 9mm. I didn’t cut any slack with the written test either. Shelby was fully engaged and fun throughout the whole classroom experience. It was then time for the range!

As I said, she is a little small, so the table on the range came almost to her shoulders! Just as we practiced, Shelby loaded the .22 ammo into the magazine. She needed a little help the first time with getting the mag all the way into the mag well and making sure it was fully engaged. After the first time, she had it down perfectly!

So, the .22 pistol was in her hand, and she decided she was scared. We talked through it for just a few minutes, and she pointed that little pistol down range. With a perfect squeeze, the first round was on the paper! Her eyes were as big as saucers, and her smile so big that every one of those braces sparkled! Just like I had hoped, she got the bug! She shot over 100 rounds, and you can see her results! She did great from 3 yards and even 7 yards! She is now an NRA certified junior pistol shooter.

Her big brother got to shoot the 9mm Glock and grand dads prized .45 Kimber. Shelby out shot him!! Just goes to show you….girls can shoot!

By the way, she even out shot her Dad! Maybe we have a future Annie Oakley here!

Twas the day after Christmas….and Dave’s birthday

We are finally settled in Las Vegas, so it was time to go shoot. We have been looking for a range to take our students, but it is proving more difficult than I thought. The ranges are pretty protective of their time and their own students, so are not very willing to allow an ‘outsider’ with their own students onto the range. We will keep trying, and I am confident we can figure it out.

So anyway, it was the day after Christmas and my trigger finger was getting a little itchy. It had been about 6 weeks since I shot, and the withdrawals were getting pretty bad. I had recently had the trigger on my Glock worked on, and hadn’t had a chance to try it out, and my Kimber was getting lonely…so went to one of the local indoor ranges (American Shooters, I highly recommend them) for a little range time. I had also promised my friend Dave, that I would shoot 60 rounds, one for each birthday. It was time to git ‘er done!

We figured that being the day after Christmas the range would be slow. HA! It was packed! People were waiting up to an hour and a half to get to shoot! We almost left. But since my Christmas present was an annual membership to the range (Isn’t Santa great!), I had to get my new membership card. We found out that members get first dibs on the range, so we went to the front of the line…sweet!

But what blew me away was all the women who were at the range NOT shooting! They were watching from the waiting area, or were in the range with eyes & ears on watching. Hey ladies & gentlemen…women are great shooters! I think men are afraid of us! They are afraid that we will out shoot them (we do), will not need them to protect us (true), and may turn that gun on them (we just might!). Still, that is no reason for women not to learn to enjoy the sport.

So, back to the story…I don’t generally shoot at big targets…too easy to hit. So I had some quarter sized targets for the 7 & 10 yard line and practiced quick shooting with my new Glock trigger. It is great! The pull is really nice and it requires only minimal effort. I’m able to stay on target and get those shots off quickly. I even took the little targets out to the 15 yard line and did a pretty nice job. Then it was time to shoot for Dave. I did get a little bigger target because I had to shoot 60 rounds, put it at the 10 yard line, and had a great time with 60 rounds. Here is the result:

Hey Dave, thanks for letting me celebrate your birthday! Love that Kimber, Man!

So, the day after Christmas was great, and we will get to shoot often, AND go to the front of the line. I’m not sure why the day after Christmas is such a popular day to shoot. I didn’t see anyone trying out a new toy, they were mostly renting the guns from the range.  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

Oh, one other thing….check out the latest edition of Traditions, the quarterly magazine from The Friends of the NRA. I like the back cover! http://www.friendsofnra.org/national.aspx?cid=76

Happy New Year! Ladies, make it a new year’s resolution to learn how to shoot, and to shoot often. It is a great way to gain confidence, learn a new skill, and should the need ever arise, you have the power to protect yourself! Come shoot with me…anytime!

Why the surprise?

I just saw a news article that (again) talks about the high number of women who are owning guns. Listen to this news report:  

So tell me why there is surprise that women are buying guns, and such surprise that we want to know how to use them? I’ve been in a few gun stores this week that I have not been in before. They all talk about the number of women who are now coming into the store to purchase their first gun. Few think about getting trained, and none of the stores I was in promote women teaching women how to shoot.

So we are left with surprise around the country about the fact that we want to defend ourselves. We are also left with few men truly interested in teaching us how to use our new self defense tools. I wonder why that is? Women throughout our history have used guns when necessary. During the Revolutionary War women fired rifles, and certainly helped our founding fathers with ammunition storage, being the watchful eyes to warn when English soldiers were coming, etc. Women during the settling of the West clearly used guns to protect their homes and families against intruders. Why is it that now our society seems to think it is strange and unnatural for women to own and know how to use lethal weapons?

As women baby boomers loose their husbands, watch what is happening to our society, and live alone longer than previous generations, it is going to be even more important to own and use personal weapons. This should not come as a surprise to anyone! If you have ever been interested in learning how to protect yourself, I urge you to take an NRA class (preferably offered by a women). The classes include “Refuse To Be A Victim”, “Basic Pistol”, “Self protection in the home” and “Self protection outside of the home”. All these classes will help you be comfortable with your ability to defend yourself and you will learn the essential elements of gun handling and safety.

One more point, one of self discovery! I was in Bass Pro Shop a couple of days ago, strolling through their great women’s clothing department (and OF COURSE the shoe department). I found myself thinking that I would rather be in the gun department! Go figure….gotta ask Santa for another gun for Christmas!

The weight of the pistol

I was at the range on Saturday with a young woman who was having trouble with all her shots going down or to the left. She was very frustrated, saying that she was always jerking her wrist & couldn’t break the habit. After watching for a short time, I realized that she was not jerking, but was pulling the trigger rather than squeezing the trigger. After she corrected that action, her shots were all in the 9 ring, with several on the bull’s eye.

Now that she was confident shooting with her Glock 17 9mm, she wanted to try some other pistols. So we reached for my 2 favorites: Tanfoglio 9mm, my very first pistol, and the Kimber Aegis II, my most prized pistol

KIMBER ULTR AEGIS II                                                                                 TANFOGLIO

The Tanfoglio has a very comfortable grip for a women’s smaller hand, a smooth chamber action, and great front & rear sights. (http://www.tanfoglio.it/eng/home.php). It is a little on the heavy side, so the recoil is not bad. The Kimber Aegis II is a little lighter weight, also has a smaller grip and is very accurate. (http://www.kimberamerica.com/1911/aegis-ii). The Kimber is also much more attractive, we both like the pretty wood sides on the handle. My friend shot both, with similar results; all rounds in the 9 ring or better at 7 yards. Her comment was that both guns feel more balanced than the Glock 17. I agree, given that much of the Glock is plastic, it does have a little uneven weight distribution in my hand.

Because I am getting prepared to take the instructor’s class to teach concealed handgun license classes in Texas, I also shot both pistols. I shot at the 3, 7, and 15 yard lines, as I will have to do to at the class. My total score difference between the two pistols was 1 point; Kimber 238, Tanfoglio 237 out of a possible 250.

In the end, the weight of the pistol does not have as much of a bearing on my preference as the grip, the accuracy, and comfort in my hand. I’m not sure which pistol I will ultimately shoot in at the class, but I better get more than 238 points! I’ll keep practicing during the next month.

Don’t be afraid of a little heavier gun, your arm and hand will eventually get strong enough to handle the weight. Look for a comfortable feel, a slide that is easy to pull back & release, good sights, and a comfortable trigger squeeze.

My friend….she is saving for a new Kimber Ultra Aegis II!


Women and Concealed Handgun Licences

I don’t get it. Why is everyone so surprised that more & more women are wanting to carry a concealed hand gun? In 2010 the Texas Department of Public Safety reported that 21.94% of all licenses issued were to women (http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/administration/crime_records/chl/PDF/2010Calendar/ByAge/CY10AgeLicApplIssued.pdf). As far as I am concerned, that number is way to small.

Women are still discriminated against, in the work place, in society, and yes, the gun range. I belong to the local range, Greenwood Gun Club, and am actually the director of women’s activities there. The majority of members (99.99% probably) are men. Now family members can use the range, so the club certainly does not discriminate with who can be on the range, but only recently did the club begin issuing membership cards to women. It isn’t that the male members of the board are not supportive of women, it is just a matter that there has never been enough women in the club to ask for a change of mind set. The guys have it now, and are incredibly supportive of women members.

So back to the CHL and women issue. I think one of the major reasons more women do not carry a concealed weapon is that we do not think in violent terms like men do. Most women I know (including me) have a very hard time thinking of having to use a lethal weapon against another human being. We are so opposed to that fact that we just refuse to participate in the idea of carrying that weapon concealed on us somewhere.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) reports that one in five women will experience rape or attempted rape in their college years (http://www.now.org/issues/violence/stats.html). The Violence Policy Center reported on 1998 statistics of violent crimes against women and concluded that although 6.6 women in the U.S. at the time owned a gun, 1,200 women were murdered by handguns in the same year. So the conclusion by this organization is that more women were killed by a gun than those who own a gun, so therefore, owning a gun does not prevent murder (http://www.vpc.org/studies/myth.htm).  Honest…I can’t make this stuff up!

So women are at high risk of being attacked, yet influential parties try to tell us that owning a gun is unsafe. Shannon Nass wrote in May of this year that women buying guns for protection is up 83% over previous years (http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11107/1139929-358-0.stm). So it appears that the mood is changing. Women are deciding that owning a gun, and knowing how to use it is appropriate. Unfortunately, it is a sign of the times I suppose.

So if we are increasing our ownership of guns, it is important to learn how to use that tool, and to practice with it often. The next step is to be able to carry it concealed, offering even more protection. Find a CHL instructor in Texas, one who is knowledgable about women & firearms. One who won’t demean you, or act condescending. It seems pretty stupid for a man to act that way, since he knows that the women he is talking to does have some ability to knock some sense in him! But, still I have found many instructors who will not treat women with respect. When you find that right teacher, take the class, get your license, and protect yourself and your family as much as you can. We have come a long way with equality, this is one of our last frontiers…let’s get it done, ladies!