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I never said I didn’t like pink stuff, I just said I don’t like pink guns.

Here is the coolest new tool we all have to have! A PINK UpLULA!! If you don’t have one, and you shoot a semi-auto pistol, you are missing out. This ammo loader is the best thing since sliced bread! It makes loading a breeze. The fact that it is pink is even better! Not only does it make a statement, but you can easily find it in your range bag, and the guys won’t steal it.

When I was qualifying for my Texas CHL instructor license, I used my black (YAWN) UpLULA to load. The instructor made a comment about loading like a girl. Yeah, but I was done in half the time of the guys who were so macho they had to load manually!

You can get your very own cool pink UpLULA from http://babeswithbullets.com. It is a great idea for a gift for your BSF (best shooting friend) too!


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