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My Hanai granddaughter was here from Hawaii  recently with the rest of her family. Shelby will be 12 in a few weeks, and is a little small for her age. Her brother is a high school junior, big and strapping. They both wanted to learn to shoot, so I was happy to make that happen.

We did the entire NRA pistol class, from safety to dismantling a Glock 9mm. I didn’t cut any slack with the written test either. Shelby was fully engaged and fun throughout the whole classroom experience. It was then time for the range!

As I said, she is a little small, so the table on the range came almost to her shoulders! Just as we practiced, Shelby loaded the .22 ammo into the magazine. She needed a little help the first time with getting the mag all the way into the mag well and making sure it was fully engaged. After the first time, she had it down perfectly!

So, the .22 pistol was in her hand, and she decided she was scared. We talked through it for just a few minutes, and she pointed that little pistol down range. With a perfect squeeze, the first round was on the paper! Her eyes were as big as saucers, and her smile so big that every one of those braces sparkled! Just like I had hoped, she got the bug! She shot over 100 rounds, and you can see her results! She did great from 3 yards and even 7 yards! She is now an NRA certified junior pistol shooter.

Her big brother got to shoot the 9mm Glock and grand dads prized .45 Kimber. Shelby out shot him!! Just goes to show you….girls can shoot!

By the way, she even out shot her Dad! Maybe we have a future Annie Oakley here!


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