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YIPEE! After looking around at the various indoor ranges in Las Vegas, I talked with the guys who run American Shooters (http://americanshooters.com/). The owners of the range are all about having a great place for the people of Metro Vegas to shoot; the range is comfortable, the store has all the goodies one would hope for with a nice range. They loved the idea of a women’s league at the range!

Since I am a member of DIVA WOW (http://www.divawow.org/), a GREAT women only organization committed to women shooters and outdoor activities, I wanted to have the Las Vegas league be a part of the DIVA WOW network of leagues throughout the country. American Shooters was all for the idea!

The league will get to shoot after the store and range close, so we will have the whole place to ourselves! This will give us the opportunity to do some fun shooting, improve our skills, and not have any distractions. I can’t wait!

We are putting the finishing touches on the details, and hope to have the first league start in May. If you know of a woman who is interesting in pistol shooting, whether she has never had a pistol in her hand, or is a pro, let her know about our plans, and stay tuned. Details will be coming shortly!


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