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I was at the range on Saturday with a young woman who was having trouble with all her shots going down or to the left. She was very frustrated, saying that she was always jerking her wrist & couldn’t break the habit. After watching for a short time, I realized that she was not jerking, but was pulling the trigger rather than squeezing the trigger. After she corrected that action, her shots were all in the 9 ring, with several on the bull’s eye.

Now that she was confident shooting with her Glock 17 9mm, she wanted to try some other pistols. So we reached for my 2 favorites: Tanfoglio 9mm, my very first pistol, and the Kimber Aegis II, my most prized pistol

KIMBER ULTR AEGIS II                                                                                 TANFOGLIO

The Tanfoglio has a very comfortable grip for a women’s smaller hand, a smooth chamber action, and great front & rear sights. (http://www.tanfoglio.it/eng/home.php). It is a little on the heavy side, so the recoil is not bad. The Kimber Aegis II is a little lighter weight, also has a smaller grip and is very accurate. (http://www.kimberamerica.com/1911/aegis-ii). The Kimber is also much more attractive, we both like the pretty wood sides on the handle. My friend shot both, with similar results; all rounds in the 9 ring or better at 7 yards. Her comment was that both guns feel more balanced than the Glock 17. I agree, given that much of the Glock is plastic, it does have a little uneven weight distribution in my hand.

Because I am getting prepared to take the instructor’s class to teach concealed handgun license classes in Texas, I also shot both pistols. I shot at the 3, 7, and 15 yard lines, as I will have to do to at the class. My total score difference between the two pistols was 1 point; Kimber 238, Tanfoglio 237 out of a possible 250.

In the end, the weight of the pistol does not have as much of a bearing on my preference as the grip, the accuracy, and comfort in my hand. I’m not sure which pistol I will ultimately shoot in at the class, but I better get more than 238 points! I’ll keep practicing during the next month.

Don’t be afraid of a little heavier gun, your arm and hand will eventually get strong enough to handle the weight. Look for a comfortable feel, a slide that is easy to pull back & release, good sights, and a comfortable trigger squeeze.

My friend….she is saving for a new Kimber Ultra Aegis II!



Comments on: "The weight of the pistol" (2)

  1. Love your blog posts, Sue! Keep ’em coming!

  2. Thanks for writing this post! It was very generous on your part that you assisted this young woman in order to help her correct the problem she was having. We all – men and women alike – should work together so everyone becomes a better shooter. To make a new shooter feel more competent, which in turn will foster their confidence, excitement, and greater interest, is a great thing!

    Melinda, Co-Founder of ZSA

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