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On June 4 and 5 I spent time with 15 other women from Lake Jackson and the Greater Houston Area learning about shooting a rifle and our American history. What a great weekend!

Project Appleseed (http://www.appleseedinfo.org) is part of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association. The mission of the organization is to help Americans learn the basic skills of using a rifle and learning about our heritage from the Revolutionary War. How are the two connected? Even though the modern rifle had not yet been invented, our forefathers did use muskets, the precurser to the rifle. The stories about the first battles on April 19, 1775, the day the war started are fascinating and riveting. To think about what our first familes in the U.S. gave for our freedom is something we cannot forget.

And the rifle skills were just as amazing as the history! I had never shot a rifle. Since my birthday was just before the event, I asked for a rifle for my birthday, so I had a new Ruger .22 for the event. Of course the rifle has a pretty laminated stock with a bull barrell (extra thick to reduce recoil). I took it out one time before the event, just so I didn’t look quite so stupid as I shot.

In addition to Project Appleseed, the national women’s shooting club Diva…WOW (www.divawow.org) was involved in our event. I recently became a member and had seen an Appleseed event on their calendar. I emailed Diva…WOW whining that there was no event like this in the Lake Jackson area. Before the day was done we had the day scheduled! Diva…WOW is an incredible organization of wonderful women who love the great outdoors and have come together to shoot, hunt, fish, etc.

With Diva…WOW and the Appleseed Project, we learned how to safety handle those rifles, and by the end of the second day could load, shoot standing, move to a sitting position, shoot, and then lie prone to shoot some more! The targets were tough, but not impossible. With the help of very dedicated instructors and range officers all of the women learned how to shoot & how to become better shooters.

If one is able to shoot good enough, they are awarded a Rifleman patch at the end of the event. Unfortunately, I missed that patch by 23 points…what a bummer. I will definitely go to another event & try again. I highly recommend that women become members of Diva…WOW and spend the weekend with an Appleseed event. Not only will you get to meet wonderful women, you will also learn from a group of dedicated men who give up their weekends so we can learn our history and learn to shoot.

Thank you to everyone from Diva…WOW and the Appleseed Project for bringing such a wonderful event to the Greenwood Gun Club in Lake Jackson. I can’t wait for you to return!!

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  1. Phyllis Robinson said:

    I agree,Sue! I, too, enjoyed the shoot, training and history! I felt that I was on a very steep learning curve during the shoot since I had shot a rifle (the one I used) only once before. At that time, Dave loaded the gun and appeared (softly termed) to dominate the manipulation of the rifle. I have to say that 1) the coaches from Appleseed were awesome 2) the amount that I learned about safety, handling and skillful use of the rifle were reiterated until it became a flowing follow through by day two 3) the shooting commands were consistent and not so “foreign” by the end of the first day and 4) I never dreamed that I would learn to adjust windage or elevation of the scope itself as well as affecting aim by body position once the (NPOA) natural point of aim was established!

    Ultimately, yet again, I retain that “feeling” of needing to do it again, to compete against myself and to consistently improve! It was fun and challenging and a great social time, too!. I look forward to the next opportunity to attend. I can only recommend an Appleseed shoot to EVERYONE regardless of sex, age or ability. I never believed that I could have gained such valuable knowledge and confidence in such a short period of time! The Diva Wow ladies were great and I can never speak enough praise about how kind and knowledgable the Appleseed team was! Despite the 105 degrees temperature, I think that a great time was had by all, and, especially by me!

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